Air Ionizing Blower

Deliver neutralized air to a specific target from long range and blow away contaminants. Useful on conveyor applications or for combined cleaning /static neutralization.

Our multi-fan ionized air blower effectively directs a consistent, balanced path of positively and negatively charged ions at a particular area. Fan speed and direction can be adjusted to move a larger or smaller volume of ionized air over a specific section within your production line. Ionizing air blowers efficiently eliminates static electricity while the focused application doesn't raise dust or dirt. The air-ionizing blower can be installed on a table, wall, top of workstation, or attached to the frame of machinery. Manufactured with durable materials and components, the ionized air blower can solve tough static electric challenges within a wide range of applications. For broader, non-directional applications see the ion fan. For hand-held spot static removal see the ion gun.

Call (1-330-862-3080) or email ( to design an anti-static electricity brush solution that is right for your application.

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