Air Ionizers

Air Ionizing Blower

Deliver neutralized air to a specific target from long range and blow away contaminants. Useful on conveyor applications or for combined cleaning /static neutralization.

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Ionizing Sprayer

Mobile solution for de-stat. Provides a focused force of anti-static air to a specific target. Excellent for tough-to-reach areas or products with complex geometry.

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Ionizing Air Curtain

Wrap your product in ionized air. Deliver static-neutralizing ions to a target at distances up to several feet (1 m). Ideal for web/sheet stock, conveyed product.

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Ionizing Bar

Achieve powerful static neutralization within 1" to 2 " from surface. Ion bars can provide your web surface with complete shockproof operation.

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Air Ionizing Fan

Fan provides "soft" focused air application. Eliminates static electricity without raising dust or dirt. Mount on a table, wall, top frame of machinery.

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