Ionizing Bar

Achieve powerful static neutralization within 1" to 2 " from surface. Ion bars can provide your web surface with complete shockproof operation.

Anti-static bars are often used in applications involving press fed printing materials, paper, plastic, textiles, etc. Westmont offers two types of bar for various static applications. One ion bar system combines patented air delivery with static dissipating ion production providing extended range to anti-static bar applications. The resulting strong ion shield gives you a large area of electrostatic neutralization. Several ion bars can be used in parallel or above and below web surfaces. Air-delivery ion bars are available in lengths from 4 inches to 10 feet long (10cm to 300cm) based on your requirement. For applications requiring a long bar several short lengths can connect to each other to make installation easier. This method is ideal to eliminate static electricity internally within large machinery.

Call (1-330-862-3080) or email ( to design an anti-static electricity brush solution that is right for your application.

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